Fitness Tips And Inspiration For The Spring

I have all kinds of tricks to get myself motivated before working out. There are some days where I just don’t feel like exercising, but the moment I add on a few things….all of a sudden there is fire and possibility in all that I do! I sense the empowerment and I feel alive again, to do whatever it takes to realize my fitness goals.Talk about real inspiration!! starmusiq

At this point, I am reminded of my potential. I feel nothing is

standing in my way, with heavenly power running through my system.

That’s it folks-I’m so focused, I feel like running hard and then

retiring in a steam room- remember God gave us all a spirit of

courage, Amen!, You probably think I’m crazy, but guess what, that’s

what gets me going. I am naturally a very intense person. Talk about

the ” crushing through the system” mentality – don’t get me started!

I have a few ideas that I want you to consider.

Buckle up, and follow

these easy steps, and you may find yourself running on super jet fuel:

Number one, get into the habit of counting from the bottom

up-this takes off the ” usual” counting burden since the numbers

get reduced as you work your way through a set of exercises. starmusiq

This goes hand in hand with the idea of doing

your least favorite sets first-then proceeding to your favorite

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